puzzle_piecesIt’s been a while since i released a plugin but here i am again! A couple of months back Yan approached me with a plugin he wanted. We worked it out and this is the result. What this essentially does is it allows you to build a link list and maintain it with statistics for your visitors to see. You have seen this around the marketing blogs especially, where the blogger has a list of websites he thinks it’s best for bloggers to comment and get a reputation at. You can see the plugin in action at Yan’s place. You can see more on the plugin’s page.

Now i know that this kind of plugin can be marketed and maybe reward with quite some money. Yan said we should do it but i don’t think i have the time to dedicate to it in order to make it a nice commercial product. Moreover i am an opensource kinda guy. I like giving things out and saying “well if you like it then please consider donating”. This is much more like me. So, i decided to release it upon the world as a GNU GPL plugin, listed on the WordPress plugin directory.

All i am asking is that if you guys use it, and it saves you some trouble (which i think it will) then consider donating to me as a token of appreciation. Something like saying “hey there i like your plugin and i appreciate your effort”.

If you have any suggestions or find any bug let me know and i can work it out. You can also hire me if you want something more complex to build ๐Ÿ˜‰

Photo by liza31337