I know i am late in discovering this service but Posterous,simply put, rocks your socks! I love the way these guys implemented post by mail. I mean i know our beloved WordPress does it, for a long time now actually, but in my humble opinion not quite well.

So i decided to move FunnyInbox.net on Posterous. And you know what? It’s free to have custom domains! Yup. Not like other phonies supposedly “open source” and “all for the community” bullshit. It’s completely free. Period. Now the only problem i have is that it’s kinda slow for now, maybe it will get better. Other than that i am completely satisfied. A problem that i had with WordPress is that i needed too much time to prepare a batch of posts on emails that would come into my inbox. I needed to download, separate, upload, write the post, schedule it… Now, all i do is just forward.

On the other hand i wouldn’t trade WordPress for nothing when it comes to blogging. Not even for some other phonies that are trying to catch up… All in all, for a small site with the niche of FunnyInbox or even as a place for link exchange, i find Posterous to be the perfect solution. Kudos!