wassupblogThis is what it took, twenty eight days! Yup, February is now over and we are on our way to spring (at least where i live). It was one slow month for me, blog-wise i mean. I was here and absent and then here again. I guess everybody has his ups and downs. But, still, you guys kept coming back. Am i lucky to have loyal readers or what? Even when i didn’t comment on your blogs you still came and posted a few words. I think this is what makes this small blog powerful and fun to work with.

Without further due though, i shall introduce the new MOTM. That is my dear, Ausie friend, Sire with 16 comments! We had quite a few conversations this past month and that was the reason he hit the top. Thanks for keep coming back man and posting all the useful comments (and bugs πŸ˜‰ ). I would also like to thank every other reader though for commenting. I really appreciate it all!

Now, i hope this month i will be more active and post more things. Already, i have a couple of posts on a draft pending a final review, among them a webhosting tutorial for all of you guys out there feeling lost when it comes to choosing a webhost. So, stay tuned!