funnyinboxHere i am with another project of mine! FunnyInbox is my latest work. It all started a few days back when i received a funny email from a friend with an attached video of about 4 megs. Immediately I remembered talking to a friend a few months back where we were saying that all these funny emails give us a nice laugh but fill up our inboxes and put some serious load on the mailserver. Why wouldn’t someone take the time to upload to an external host and then just provide us with the link? Well just because the “Forward” button seems so easy to push. That’s true. So, i decided to put up a site where all my funny e-mails would go. No more forwarding (actually i almost never forwarded). Any funny e-mail that will land on my inbox and i feel it’s funny enough to share it with you guys will go there. My ultimate goal is to create a site that someone, on his spare time, would browse just to take a good dosage of fun. Videos, pictures, picture collections, PPT’s are things i’ll be posting there. I know that there are millions of funny sites out there but frankly i don’t care 🙂 All i want is a place to collect some fun things and share with friends.

Now, you can also help! If you have any e-mail that you think is funny just forward it to me at the email: mails [at] funnyinbox [dot] net. In return i will include a name and a link back to your site as a thank you. If you want to check out more about sharing please see here.

So, do you like the place? Do you think that you will become a regular?