My picMore than a year now, the whole planet is leaving a revolution on mail services. Gmail has come out hitting hard many big providers (like yahoo!). Anyways, we all now that those guys in google are creative and all they want is to do everything for fun too, besides work i mean. Elijah told me about this video and i think you should take a look…

This video was made with:

– 162 meters of gray tape
– 45 lego pieces
– 32 sticks of plasticine
– 18 brushes
– 18 square meters of batten
– 12 cans of spray paint
– 10 liters of white paint
– 4 reams of paper
– 2 kilograms of millet porridge
– 1 printer
– 1 hair dryer
– 1 mop
– 1 saw