I am always known to change my themes around here and i thought it was time for another one. The old one was a very impressive work from “Elegant Themes“, but this time around i feel i got bored of it and i needed a more simplistic one. Why i chose this theme? Well, first of all it’s very clean, no images (except the ones i add). Secondly, it’s white which makes reading a lot more easier. Thirdly, it has a very wide space for my posts, which for a coding blog such as this, is a very good thing, code is not wrapped and when you are trying to read it not too many things pop into your eyes.

To be honest, i can’t assure you that i won’t change my theme again, since i will most certainly do, at one point or another. This blog has been live for a year and five months now and many themes have gone by. It’s a way that refreshes me and keeps me a bit happier with my place. I guess it’s like redecorating a room.

On other news, things on my life still aren’t solid. I am on the edge of a new era and stable is not the word for me right now. So, as i said before, i will most definitely be around, blogging randomly (i guess like i have done before) and we see where that goes.

Again, i would like to thank my readers, and fellow bloggers for constantly checking back on me to see how am i doing.