Watching twitter today, i came across a tweet from Kikolani. Now i’ve been following her for quite some time getting valuable feedback and post ideas. Today’s tweet was about a post on TechJaws called “The Biggest Mistakes in SEO” which i found interesting. As always i have my agrees and disagrees but still it was a nice read. One of the author’s points was ““Click Here” or “Read More” Link Anchor Text“. Here is what he suggests:

Many people use “Clíck here” or “Learn more” as the linking text. This is great if you want to be ranked high for “Click Here”. […] It’s much more descriptive (and relevant) to say “learn more about {keyword topic}”

I see the point on this and i agree. Besides, the info has already been retrieved from the database so no more extra load is going down. It’s not only SEO friendly, it’s reader friendly as well. That’s what’s most important. On the comments, Kikolani said she hadn’t figured out how to do it. I thought that many non techy people out there might find it hard, as well. So, here is how i did it! (notice it on the read more following)

What you need to tinker with is your index.php or home.php file in your running theme folder. In there, you will find a call to the function “the_content()“. This function takes as a parameter the text we want to display as the read more. If no parameter is passed the following is printed out “(more…)“. You need to change that one to this:

the_content('Read more on "'.the_title('', '', false).'"')

What we have done here is that we have used the template tag “the_title()” which actually displays the post title. You must have noticed that we have passed a few parameters in. This happens because the default behavior of the function is to print out the title rather than return it, which we need here (that’s what the false does). The first and second parameters are a before and after text. This means that if you wanted to make the title bold, you could pass as the first parameter “<b>” and as the second “</b>“. If you lost me then you just have to trust me!

All in all i think it’s an easy fix. As always i am here for any problems or help you might need.