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Just two days have gone by and here i am with a minor update to my beloved BloggerBuddy. After a conversation with Raju i realized that if i want to motivate a migration from any reader to BloggerBuddy i should implement some kind of import. He gave me valuable feedback on the export type of Google Reader (which is the most popular among the readers i guess) and i looked better into it. I got a small export, tinkered a little with it and here i am with an update to v0.5 that actually adds this feature! The format that you can import is OPML.

If you are using Google reader and want to try out BloggerBuddy here is how you can do it. First of all download BloggerBuddy version 0.5 from here. Login to Google Reader, go to settings and then import/export. Download the exported data that will actually contain all your subscribed feeds. Finally, fire up BloggerBuddy and go to “Feeds” then “Import Feeds“. Find the file with the data and then a small popup will open with all the feeds contained. Select which ones to import and that’s it! When it’s done, hit “Feeds” and “Reload Feeds” to download the latest from all your subscriptions!

Please, if you find any bugs report them back to me because this will help me a lot on improving BloggerBuddy and making it better for me and all of you!