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I have been using BloggerBuddy since day one. It’s not like me to use the software i write just because i think that someone else has done it better. But this time i think that this program is the best on the market for me. It suits my needs perfectly. Since day one i have had a better blogging experience with it. No more painful page by page opening, no more comment tracking no nothing. I just fire up BloggerBuddy and there i have it. All the posts from my friends’ blogs that i haven’t read yet in one place. I can still see that question in your face “why not Google reader or any other reader for that matter?”. Well i like things my way, this is coded from me for me and it is way better and simpler. So enough with the rumbling. Using BloggerBuddy i found out that a couple of features were way needed in order to make the usage more pleasant. So here is what i added and in my opinion will make it way better:

  1. Detailed loading view of the feeds. It actually gives you a list of all the blogs that the feeds are loaded from and ticks the ones that are done. In that case if any is not reachable at the moment it will be way easier to troubleshoot.
  2. Added a way to edit the details of a feed. I know that deleting and re-adding a feed is lame so i took the time and added an edit feature.
  3. I added a cool search feature (yah yah nice jQuery effects and all). I found my self wanting to search for a post i knew it was there but there was no way of me trying to find it through 20 pages of posts. Search was the way and i added it!
  4. Added a feature to filter posts from a certain feed. For instance, let’s say you want to see all the posts that i have posted on my blog. Just click on my feed title, on the left list, and the posts will be filtered to show you only those.

These are the features added so far. They don’t seem much but they will make your life easier, i bet on that. Please note a serious thing though. If you have BloggerBuddy already and using it then before you update you need to keep a backup of your data. That is done by keeping your data.db file on the installation folder. Just copy-paste it on a folder before the update, download the latest air package of the site, install it and then copy the file back.

So, please take a look and let me know what you think. Or, even better, why not leave some feedback and give me some more ideas on what should be added to the next update? I’d love to hear that someone else, besides me, uses it out there 🙂

More on BloggerBuddy’s website.