The last couple of days my friend Sire brought to my attention a small problem on BloggerBuddy. There was a conversation on the update post here about it. What was happening is that on the individual feed view, i.e. when clicking on a specific feed to view posts from that blog only, the posts would be randomly ordered rather than ordered by date, as they should be. I also noticed that the same thing happened when you would do a search. Thanks to him i took another look at my code and i found out that i had a small problem. I fixed it and decided it is worth releasing a small update. This is now on version 0.5.1. All you need to do is visit BloggerBuddy’s site and download the latest .air file. Run it and it will update the program. Beware though! Make sure you keep a copy of the data.db file because the installation will inject an empty one! After updating then just put it back replacing the blank one. More on the update process here.

Thanks Sire! Oh, and sorry for doubting on the beggining. Also, stay tuned for more on BloggerBuddy, since i am planing a small “hack it” post.