So here we are again. The first 1/12th of the year has gone by and, to be honest, it was not one of my most productive ones. But, what can you do, i’ve been thrown some curveballs this month on my professional and online life. On the contrary, on my personal life, i am better than good so the tradeoff is fair. Although i haven’t been around much this month you have been as loyal as before. Without further due, this month’s MOTM is Raju with 14 comments! I would like to thank you all, especially Raju, for coming back here. I must add that i was very touched by all of you showing concern when i was “lost” for a few days. This means that, although by the definition of the term “Friends” we are totaly strangers, we stick together and care for each other. So, friends it is! I would like to thank you all for that. Stick around and i will be back (that’s a threat!).