Here i am with a post i wanted to write for quite some time. My everyday task is twice, or maybe even more times, visit a bunch of blogs i am a regular reader. I actually hate rss subscription. I like the feeling of each site. It makes me get into the point. So, i have a folder of bookmarks called “blogs” where i have links to all my friends’ blogs. I visit some other ones too, less frequently though. These blogs actually belong to people that i consider “online friends”. I realy enjoy reading their posts. Other funny, techy, revealing, sightful etc. Many times i find out stuff that i haven’t heard before and are either usefull or quite interesting. I thought i’d share this list with you guys so you can meet each other. You are actually all readers of my blog too so i bet you will read this post.

  • First on the list my dear and loyal and so helpfull friend #FN$# with his two blogs howudoing and his personal blog. I never met the guy but i feel like i know him way back!
  • Secondly, my other Greek friend Giannou with his personal blog.
  • Rockstar Sid has been among the very first readers and commenters and i am thankful to him. He is the owner of blogote (blog + promote 😉 )
  • Then comes my first “Member of the month”, Sidharth. He is frequent and loyal reader.
  • One blogger that has rocked the blogosphere is Rajai. He is only 14 years old but he thinks like a real grown up.
  • KongTechnology is a blog with many nice tutorials. I enjoy reading it and learning stuff!
  • TechieSouls is a blog with several usefull programs, tips and tricks. I found out about many things there.
  • Roshan is another techie programmer that has an excellent blog. I like his programing tips and i really enjoy his Sunday jokes.
  • BlogsDNA is a frequently updated blog that actually found me alot of usefull programs and gave me very usefull tweaking tips.
  • PcsPlace is a techie blog from a fellow programmer. Nice tips that actually are very usefull indeed.
  • Ozh is a guy most of the wordpress community knows about. The comment badge and many other awsome plugins come from him.
  • Madhur owns another interesting blog. Tips, programms, gadgets, news and many more posts come up there.
  • Craig Farrall is a web designer that does a very good job on templates. I like his blog.  It’s casual and his posts are nice.
  • Last but not least, Melvin has a blog posting about various stuff. I like his way of thinking and writing.

So, everyday, i go through this list. I check out what these guys have to say and i am pretty sure i get a good picture of the blogosphere. They are all good web crawlers bringing to their readers nice posts. I am not always leaving a comment but be sure i visit every single day. Sorry for not increasing your feedburner’s readers by one but i realy hate the thing. Please do not consider this as a “suck up”. As i said before my space is worthless add-wise but this post, among all the other linking efforts, is a way of just saying “thanks, i am here too 😉 “.

As i said, i realy felt like posting this list so here it is. Guys, meet the guys 🙂