I was talking to #FN$# the other day and he was telling me he wanted to set up a blog for micro blogging. We disucssed a few things and then i was really convinced i wanted to do the same. To be honest, for a long time now, i’ve been thinking of creating something like that because, as i explained on the previous post, every day i hop around the net i stumble across many interesting things that actually are not worth a whole blog post but still are worth mentioning. Now, one would ask “why not tweet?”. Well there are several reasons why not. First of all, most of the time, 140 characters are just not enough. Secondly, the site is pretty slow. When the blog tries to pull the feed to show that small “recent tweet” on the top (the one that’s now gone) it would take some time. Thirdly, if someone wanted to check out my tweet history, the interface is just not quite what it would fit the need. What i mean is that a blog-like layout is definitely better. The images will show without having to leave the page, same with youtube and other videos etc. Also, archives are much more powerfull and definitely more easy to search through.

There is a con in all this. That is that my followers on twitter (they are not as many but still) will have a bit harder time following since they will have to subscribe to the feed or visit the micro blog. But, i will try to enable the auto post to twitter when i post a micro. I know it’s not the same but anyway i feel better like that.

So, i’ll try to be posting more than once a day there with stuff i find on the net or with what i am currently up to. Best way to keep track of me is visit the micro blog or subscribe to the feed. No feedburner, since i don’t care to show off, if anyone is interested in what i am up to just use it! Also, on the top of the blog, the recent micro is displayed. I know it needs to get a bit more elegant but i’ll work on it 🙂

The interesting part is that to display that custom feed i coded a small plugin that actually retrieves an rss feed and displays the top post just like the way you see. I’ll probably release it in the next couple of days to the public if it is usefull to anyone.

All in all, thanks to #FN$# for the motivation and the theme (he actually pointed it to me and i think it’s most appropriate). I hope you all just follow through this one and it proves that it was worth the shot. Moreover, keep an eye guys cause i have some things to post (funny videos, pics etc) that i wanted to share this couple of days. So, stay tuned people! 😉 Oh, by the way, tell me what you think!