Well it is always important to have a nice community and some good friends in it. As it seemed all my loyal readers and good friends (although i have never met them) were happy to help me with this one. On my previous post i announced i was thinking i needed a logo and i was willing to put a small ad linking back to anyone that would be kind enough to make me one. And then along came my friends. They offered to make me one. The fastest one of all and a loyal reader, #FN$#, was eager to try out. He made a couple of attempts, we chatted a little and the new logo came out. I felt it was really nice so i decided to put it up. “Siddharth” and “Rockstar Sid” also offered to help. If they come up with something nice too i think i’m gonna put them up on a rotation or something. I would realy like to thank very much my friend #FN$# for his time and skill that he put into the design. I offered to put up the block as i promised but he said he didn’t want to so i respect that. It even shows that he did it on good will and nothing more. Nothing better than a great community!

So what do you think about his design?