Yes i bet you noticed! First of all today is my birthday so let us all sing:

Happy birthday to you,
you belong to the zoo,
with the donkeys and monkeys,
and the others like you!

Yes i officially turn 24 today. Now to the point. This blog started a year or so ago, based on Jasmine CMS. It was something i did just for fun and it started as something that i would rarely write to with some big tutorial or something i wanted to share. Moreover, back then, i didn’t feel the need to open a blog since i had (and actually still have) But then i felt like i wanted to go a step ahead and Jasmine was not the way to go. I always had wordpress as the best blogging platform out there so i installed it on the old link on February 2008. I did it thinking “let’s see how it goes”. I didn’t think of purchasing a new domain for it cause blogging could easily be something that will fade out a few weeks later.

Now after almost six months, i see that it is a constant thing i do, i went over my 100th post and i realy thought of getting a domain for it and make it look more like something mine, something it’s here to stay. So here i am. What a better domain than! Yup, it’s me! So, i hope you like the new domain and stick around for the more to come.

By the way, i will surely post a small tutorial on how to migrate wordpress installation. See you all around!