Yes people! After 5 months of work i am finaly reaching my 100th post! MyBlog is something that started as “a good idea” that “i could contribute” or “vent off” or whatever. Now it has over 20 tutorials, almost 30 quick guides and many funny and personal entries.

This period, i must admit, it was a test of wether i will last on blogging or it is something that crossed my mind. As it shows up after 5 months i am here to stay 😉 One noticable stat is that i have 20 posts per month which means 2 posts every three days. I am well satisfied with this and i will try to keep up this rythm. So Thanks to all my readers and commenters fro keep coming back and making me feel i am doing something here.

I would like to take a moment here and thank my most loyal commenters Siddharth, Rockstar Sid and #FN$# for keep coming back and commenting. They make me see that something is happening and probably are one more reason i am still here. So, i hope i get more people coming back and have more to thank on my 200th post! 😀