It’s been a seriously long time since i wrote here. But i can’t remember the last time i felt this urge, this itch to write about something. All this time that i haven’t updated my blog and i seldom comment on blogs i haven’t been all away. I’ve been reading the usual blogs i always read. Then why didn’t i comment? Because i had nothing to say!

One would ask, why do i say this? Well, i am sick of reading blog posts saying “how commenting can improve your traffic”, or “comment on do-follow blogs” and the such. You won’t believe how much annoyed i am when i read those kind of posts. Just today i read this post where someone was explaining what makes him comment or stops him from commenting on a blog. None of the reasons he mentioned was about the content and the article he was actually reading! This tipped me of. I wanted to write this a long time ago but this just made the cut.

What he basically said was that if it doesn’t have commentluv, it is a do-follow blog or it has a CAPTCHA, it doesn’t make him want to comment. And here is what i say. Commentluv, in my humble opinion, is one of the worst plugins out there. Why? Because an article on your blog has links to other articles on other blogs that are irrelevant with that content you are writing about! They call this link love. It’s all bullshit! Why? Because it would be link love if you posted in your article “blah blah blah here is an excellent example of what i am talking about [link] blah blah blah”. That is link love. On the other hand this:

SomeStupidPrick wrote:

Man this is a great article!

SomeStupidPrick’s latest blog post “How to have an irrelevant link on someone else’s blog”

This is not link love. It’s disguised spam comment.

Now, i don’t want to be unfair. I know a lot of my readers who have blogs, are commentluv enabled and i still like their blogs. But, i believe, they have been tricked into some stupid marketing useless idea. And let me put it this way. If you will comment only if i am commentluv enabled then guess what. Get the heck out! (besides i don’t have commentluv and i appreciate people leaving comments just for the pure purpose of it).

On the do-follow part. Things are pretty much the same as above. The purpose search engines rank your content in a certain way is to make it easier to be discoverable on relevant search queries. If you go ahead on a spree and start planting your link everywhere you will definitely get results but they won’t be quality results. Think as a user for crying out loud! How many times have you been searching for something and you stumble on completely irrelevant posts just because of these kind of stuff? So, once more, if you comment here after checking if this is a do-follow blog, get the heck out!

Finally, once and for all, let’s tackle the CAPTCHA thing. I want to make things easier to my readers to drop a line. On the other hand i want to make things easier for me to moderate. I hate all this wise-ass people/bots trying to plant their links on my blog. So, if this is what i have to do then i’ll do it. Besides, you fill up so many CAPTCHA’s a day for useless things and registration forms, and you are too lazy to fill an easy one here ti have your say? Get the heck out!

And what do i mean by “The all wrong story about comments”? Well, comments where named comments and not “advertise here”, because they are intended to serve as a way to give feedback or thank someone. They where not intended to boost or promote your own stuff.

I know that after a long time, writing with such hatred is not such a good idea. On the other hand, i think it perfectly explains my absence. The blogosphere has been contaminated with people trying to make money writing crappy blogs. I fear that that will drive quality blogging to a halt.

I have been disappointed on the majority of the content posted these days. So little things are informative or worth a read. Most of the stuff are junk. And don’t get me wrong here loyal readers. I love your blogs. I have been following you and “you” know who you are.