I think it’s quite obvious for my readers that the site has, once more, changed a theme! It’s been quite some time since the last one (June 2008) so i started getting bored of the old one. Also, i decided i needed more from my theme. And when i say more i mean being it simpler, cleaner and more professional looking. I think this theme achieves all these goals. The major change, besides the theme i mean, is that i added the lifestream thingy on the top. It kinda came with the theme but i could have disabled it. Though, i think it’s not that heavy for the server so i decided to keep it. It’s a bit glitchy for now but i will figure out why soon.

So, how do you like the change guys? Did you find any problems? Do you see something you don’t like or, in your opinnion, needs to be changed? I’d love to get your feedback!