Yay! This is all i can say… It’s been over a year now, since i started this blog, and almost eight months since the 100th post.  This is another milestone reached. It all started back in February 2008 as a “what if” and then i just installed WordPress and started writing. Since then a lot have happened. I moved from a shared hosting to a VPS, i changed about five themes till now, i made a lot of friends, and generaly, i had a lot of fun. To be honest i am having as much fun as i had back in day one. When i don’t feel like it i don’t blog. I rest a while and come back with more inspiration. In this year or so this is the 200th post and a bit over a thousand comments! I know that half of them must be mine in reply to others’ but i like replying to me readers. This is what i want when i comment on another blog and this is the way to connect with my readers, you guys. I just seized the opportunity to post this and tell everybody a big, fat thanks for coming back here, reading and commenting. It’s been a blast and i am sure the ride will be even better in the days to come… Thank you all!