Happy new year fellas! The hours are counting on the brand new 2009. I wish you all this is a productive year full of health, love and exciting work and things to do! Keep your health in order, your loved ones by your side and your priorities straight. Keep your friends happy and close to you (God knows we need some true friends nowadays). Keep your enemies even closer but don’t trust them. Cherish your family and remember they will be there when everyone else is not. Learn how to forgive and forget. Forgivenes is a medicine to your soul when trully given. One last thing i’d like to add as a quote:

Be excellent to each other!

So, happy new year and wish you all the best!

As a sidenote i’d like to add that the vacation slack has hit me too. I’m doing many things at the moment (including BloggerBuddy) but none of them is blogging and none of them is worth mentioning. Definitely though, the beggining of ’09 will have many posts including a few i already have in mind or in a draft. So, stay tuned!