A few days back, Kim wrote a short post calling all readers on asking what plugin they would like to have coded, provided someone would code it for them. That was actually my part. This came after the successful co-operation between me and Mike for the YAFootnotes plugin. A few ideas have come up on the comments section but there were a couple that can actually be coded (at least for now). This plugin is one of them.

The request was made by “Yael K. Miller“. What she asked for is a plugin that can list post tags in a different way than a tag cloud. Specificaly, she wanted the first ten to be listed in an unordered list and the rest in a dropdown box. So, voila! This is exactly what this plugin can do. I won’t get into detail since i have a whole page for this plugin here.

Besides this plugin a small tweak on an existing one is coming and who knows what else. Please check out my plugins page for a full list. If you feel you want a plugin yourself leave a comment and let me know. If it is something i can do i’ll definitely try to!