About three days ago i read this tweet from my freind Mako:

Going to watch Season 4 Finale of Doctor Who. I hope they dont change the doctor again

then this…

The season 4 finale of Doctor Who was superb , awesome, amazing. Now i will have to wait for season 5

and then this…

OMG Doctor who season 5 will come in 2010 . THere will be 4 special episodes in 2009. Thats a very long wait

Doctor Who” is a remake of a very old series. I haven’t seen the old one but this one is a BBC production so this alone makes it worth a look.

When i read those i was like “wow i haven’t heard about it and he sounds excited so it must be good”. So, i got my hands to a couple of epeisodes and that was that. I got stuck! Normaly, those kind of shows really are not my type. Actually those “too obvious” alien shows are quite repulsive to me. But, this one combines some nice things that actually make it very pleasant to watch.

Humor is one thing. Some times it gets a bit “English” but in general it’s clever and whitty. The other thing i like is the “adventurous” spirit. It goes back and forth through time with many kinds of stuff going on. It really keeps you on the edge. All in all it’s a pleasant show that i really didn’t think it would keep me watching. I recommend that you check it out. I don’t know if you will like it, but, if you do, you’ll get stuck!