With the micro project opened by me, i wanted to replace the twitter on the top, as i said yesterday. What i did is create a small plugin for WordPress that that actually reads an RSS feed and displays it the way you see on the top left corner, where my micros’ reside. You just need to activate the plugin and then call the function from within your code or theme. Clean and easy. Below is the signature (and a small documentation) of the function.

* $url The rss feed URL to read from
* $date_format Which way to display the date according to the php's date function
* $description_chars How many characters to display from the description
* $items How many items to display
function read_rss_mini($url, $date_format = 'D @ g:i a', $description_chars = 140, $items = 1){

As you can see you can only provide the RSS link and everything else will be taken care of. One more thing you can do, is the styling that you can apply. The head of the feed (hour and title) are wrapped around a “span” with a class of “micro_head” and the trimmed description is wrapped around a span with a class of “micro_body”.

I hope you find it usefull. You can download it from my site (for now since i submitted it on the WordPress repository and i am waiting on clearance) here: [download#6#size]