I told you it was quite some time since i did a quality post and here i come today with a new idea and a new program. God I’m fast!

Here i was today doing a remote desktop from a public place to a PC back home. And after i was done i wanted to delete the connection URL from the drop down list (can someone add a “don’t save the damn URL” please?). Anyway. I did a quick google and i came up with a registry trick. The whole thing is saved under “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client\Default“. So, you will find all the contents of the drop down there. Now, what was the need to create an app to handle this? Well plain boredom to do it over and over again. Open regedit, expand the tree, move or delete the urls. The “FindMe RDC” small application will list all the URL’s and will let you delete, add or move them around, quick and easy! With this you are a few clicks away from doing it. Just throw it in your flash drive and let it do the rest. Whenever you use a public computer and do a remote desktop use it to clean your tracks. You can download it here: [download#4#size] or even better visit the FindMe apps page.You need .NET framework 2.0 or higher.

With this application i am starting a whole new bunch of small apps for these kind of dirty jobs. Next on the list is the startup cleaner. You will be able to see all my FindMe apps here. So tell me what you think!