Here we are. One more month has passed. It’s been a relaxed month with fewer posts from my side than July. But forgive me guys, it’s been a hot summer August and i managed to find some time to relax and get some rest. But, as always, you guys kept coming back and commenting to whatever i wrote. So, this month’s top commenter was #FN$# with 11 comments. As you can see on the right there is his banner for this whole month and the MOTM page has been updated too. His blog is written in Greek. I know most of you will not be able to follow his work but the point of this banner is to show my appreciation on the loyalty shown by my readers and not to realy advertise a blog (although if you could read Greek you would see he does a very good job with it). I would like to take the chance to thank all of you guys for beeing loyal and keep visiting and saying nice things. It realy keeps my spirit up and motivates me to continue posting. I would also like to thank #FN$# for all his contributions and, ofcourse, his friendship. So have a nice month all of you and have fun!