There was a period where my blog had a twitter widget. One day, while trying to browse it, it would totaly hung up on me. With a little debugging i found out it was the twitter widget. The site was down and so was my blog. I was so mad, that i couldn’t trust such a big (nowadays) site, that i ripped it off. Recently, i read that twitter upgraded their hardware or whatever and they said they were sorry for the down times and they hope it won’t happen again. Moreover, the huge blue space was very empty and i wanted to put something there since day one (i mean since the day i changed the theme). Browsing some blogs today, i saw a blogger that had her tweets on top, rather than a widget. I found it as a good idea for my hudge empty space up there. So, here it is, back on. Let’s see how it goes. I hope it won’t take my blog down again. Let me know if you have any loading time problems and also, what do you think about it?

PS: the tweet bird was a perfect match for the blue space up there 🙂