I’ve been thinking alot lately about the contribution of the readers and the community on a blog such as mine. Heck, i even got a banner in less than a day! I have a small blog and i write for fun. The readers are devized into two categories: the regular ones that come over, comment and participate and the ones that are looking for somthing on google and just happen to find it here. The later ones rarely leave a comment. Now, one main reason i am still here, and not bored of the whole thing, is of the regular readers. Their comments keep my interest alive. So, i decided to give back to them, to all of you guys. I already told you that i don’t like ad campaigns and stuff like that but i would like to make an exception. So, i decided, from now on the top commentator of each month will be named the “Member Of The Month” (MOTM) and will get a free banner like the one you see on the right. As i said before, from an ad point of view, my space is worthless but i hope, as the time passes, the worth will be rising. This month’s top commentator is Siddharth. He is among the most loyal readers of my blog so this is a way to thank him. Keep commenting guys and let’s see who wins next month!