Today a wave of upgrades is going on all over the world. WordPress released the new 2.6 release called Tyner. I was thinking on upgrading or not. At first i thought i’d pass on the upgrade and let all the problems come out and then after a couple of weeks upgrade. One more thing that kept me was that i had to go through a big process on upgrading (getting backups, uploading, deactivating plugins, upgrading, activating plugins, make sure everything went fine etc). And what if something went wrong? This would mean alot of work on reuploading, setting up etc. But reading blogs here and there everybody sai they used the WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin that did all the dirty job for them. It does everything automaticaly so, this eliminated the whole process thing. After this i couldn’t help it. I had to upgrade and check out all the new features that the wordpress team announced. So here we are. Upgraded and ready on to version 2.6. I wish all the best to the wordpress team and their great work!