The game is called “Audiosurf“, which completely describes the gameplay. The environment is pretty bright with many colors. The action is as fast as your song is. If you want to relax and have a nice and easygoing ride then you can put on a balad and enjoy the ride. If you want some rough stuff then fire up a rock or metal song, fasten your seatbelts and start your engines!

The controll of the vehicle is very simple, you can do it with your mouse or with your keayboard. All there is to do is move among the three lanes collecting color blocks. But, there are some vehicles that require you to do a bit more, like shifting blocks or dropping them. In my oppinion this is very hard to do when you are going down a very fast paced song.

One more thing i’d like to point out is that the colors are very bright and changing all along the way. This, i must admit, makes me a bit dizzy at some point and i can assure you i am not epileptic.

If you want it you can either purchase it through the official site or through Steam since it is availiable there too! All in all it is a great game if you want to listen to some music and ride along the rythm.