tweetscribeSo, you all remember a few days back when i said i have a big project going on? Well, this is it! is a new service i created around twitter. In a nutshell think FeedBurner meets twitter and some more. Here is the idea. You subscribe to your favorite blogs and each time a post is made you are DM’ed. Moreover, through the blogging list that is created, with blogs that have enlisted their selfs, you can find out about more blogs that might interest you and “follow” them. It’s a new way of following… Blogs instead of users.

Moreover, no need for a subscription! As long as you have a twitter account and follow the user @twscribe you can log in! I require that you follow this user because this is the only way that the service can DM you. I feel this is a revolutionary idea on how you can follow blogs around. For webmasters and blog owners this can be a perfect opportunity to give their readers a nice way to follow them around plus promote their blog / site.

The integration with WordPress is as easy as one-two-three. I have created a small plugin that will take care of the whole process. You just download and install. Then visit the Settings->TweetScribe panel and fill in your twitter username and password. Uppon saving, the plugin will contact TweetScribe, enlist your blog and get the API key needed. As simple as that. Then just make a post 😉 For the future, i am also planning of adding the feature of following post comments also. Something like “subscribe to posts” but with TweetScribe. Cool huh?

It also has a nice and simple API. For now, the only available plugin is for WordPress. I intend on creating some more though, to support even more platforms like Joomla, PHPBB and a few other. If you feel like contributing i’ll be more than happy to hear from you!

If you want to learn more about TweetScribe, why not check out the video tour i made for the service. It’s the first time you will get to hear my voice anyways.

So, what do you think? Are you going to use TweetScribe on your blog? How about writing a nice review about it 😉 I am counting on all my readers to promote this, provided they feel the same way i feel about it too.