Now, it has been some time since i was last impressed that much. Content understanding and content related suggessions is something that is not easy at all. Many programs/scripts promisse to deliver content related stuff to you but few make it true. I found this service on the web called “Zemanta“. This is atually a blogging tool that i think any blogger should have installed. One thing that is very usefull is that zemanta is “platform independent” meaning that it can work on wordpress, typepad, livejournal etc.

But what is Zemanta? Well it is a free service that, provided some text, it can find similar articles, pictures and links all around the web. Not only that, but there is an extremely usefull plugin for wordpress. It sits there on the right side of your admin panel and every 300 characters updates it’s suggestions. It suggests related images, articles and tags! The last one is most usefull to me since i am not that good on tagging my content.

Anyways i strongly suggest trying it out with your blogging engine. If no plugin is avaliable for yours you can use the online demo. This does the trick the hard way but the job is done no matter what. You can find the demo here.