In Greek mythology there are millions of myths with heroes and quests. One of the most famous ones was the quest that Jason went through to get the Golden fleese. There was a special ship built for the voyage, from Argus, called Argo. It was a Trireme kind of ship. It had a single row of rawers on both sides, each with 25 of them. Today i heard that in Chalkis there was a remake of that ship just passing by.As i found out later it is on it’s way to Venice (God knows why) and what was weird enough is that is moving the old way. They have 50 actual people to raw and they are taking it this way all the way to Venice! Seeing it close enough i was impressed on how small it is. Those 50 people should just fit in there tight enough. But i guess it had to be small to be easy to move around. So you can see the pics i took on the gallery here. Hope you like them!