Recenlty i found out about the great job that Alex King does with wordpress plugins. All of them are very usefull and very helpfull indeed. I downloaded the link harvest plugin which actually collects all the links from your posts and sums them up on a nice list. He did a great job on that one. I tried to install it on WordPress 2.5 (running here). I got a fatal error triggered by the plugin. As i found out on his post here he is aware of it. But i found a comment on this post suggesting to subsitute the following line

@define('AK_WPROOT', '../../');

with this one:

@define('AK_WPROOT', '../');

This is all it’s need to be done. So i am sure alex will release an update on the plugin (if he hasn’t already) but i just wanted to share this small tip with you since the comment on his post is not something you can notice easily.