It’s been a few years since i stumbled uppon this page in Firefox. This browser is so configurable that just amazes me everyday! Well what i did is i downloaded a plugin for firefox, the vertigo plugin to be exact. What it does is that it lists all the open tabs verticaly just like the favorites. This is usefull on the one hand but i totaly lost the tab bar on the top when i installed. Moreover no “X” was there so i could easily close the tabs. So, after 2 minutes of trying it out i figured it was not for me. I uninstalled it and restarted firefox. Then the top bar reappeared BUT there still was to “X” on the top right of the tab to close…! I went through the settings but there was no option like “Show the stupid “X” sign on the top!“. And then it came to me. I opened a tab and typed “about:config“. Then, on the filter, i typed “tabs” and there it was! There is a setting “browser.tabs.closeButtons” and it was set to “2“. I changed that back to the default value “1” and the “X” appeared again! Nice huh? And this is not the only one. You can find many many settings of how firefox works and behaves. So, check it out!

You can get more info on the mozilla knowledge base here.