My picJeez! Everybody on the net just keeps on doing this thing. Even people i know they know their way around computers and the internet and i see them keeping chain mails alive. Mails like “Forward this to as many people as you can and”…

  • a cent will be given to a sick kid for every forward.
  • you will win a dollar for each forward.
  • something good will happen to you and the more people you forward this the sooner it will happen!
  • some other crap they think about…

Can’t you see it’s all a bunch of non-sense? Then why do you click the stupid forward button adding all the mail addresses of your friends? Well i know i sound bitter but i got tired giving all the spammers the pleasure of spamming me and making money. Here is how it works…

Some spammer, writes a stupid message just like the one above. Then he sends it out to an inital group of receivers. Some of them, and you will be surprised on how many, decide to go on and forward the mail to a list of their friends. Then the receivers decide to to the same. The key to all the process for the spammers is that, when forwarding, you are too lazy to remove the initial receivers. So a big list of emails build up as the chain goes on. So what you have, after several forwardings, is a useless email that hasvery valuable info. Many, many emails. And not just any emails. Emails that their users check them all the time, every day probably.

This mail, at some point finds it’s way back to spammers. These email addresses are worth money for advertising reasons in most cases. One thing i can’t stress out enough is that no one, and i mean no one can track how many mails have you forwarded. So, all those “as many as you forward” stupid excuses are just this, excuses.

One more way i see spammers making money, a more annoying way, is the petitions. Jeez! I am tired of seeing chain emails say sign this petition for this good reason or that petition for that nice reason. Do you even think they will be given to anybody? Two things happen. First, emails are collected like that for the same reason as above. One more way the earn money is advertisements. Have you seen a petition site withoun any advertisement?

So, stop forwarding messages and stop falling for all those phonies…!

There is a very interesting article on chain emails here.