My picHere i am with another site idea. From 2003 i’ve been studying at University of Peloponnese, UoP for short. Some realy crazy things have happened and we have met some crazy and good people. So, when i went to Tripolis, about a month ago, i was talking with a friend of mine, gogo. We were talking about a teacher of ours, Vassilakis. He is a great teacher with a deep knowledge in C. To be exact, when he sees a source file, 500+ lines with a serious memory leak, he can spot it in a jiffy. He is like, “Hey! Can’t you see this one here? This needs to be a pointer!”. Pretty funny if you think about it, since you might have been fighting over a bug for the whole night…

I remember once, i was trying to be smart and i started a program on my own, in C for a unix system. It was part of an excersize he gave us. It didn’t work at all so at one point i just copied and pasted his code from the slides. Still nothing! I was furious! I tryied on a university server and it all worked fine. At that point i wanted to throw my unix server out the window. I mailed him and i got a response like “huh this is a common problem… do this blah-blah” and it simply worked.

Anyways, this is where the new site comes handy, uop-facts. When i was talking with gogo he mentioned this very good one “Vassilakis translates the C program to assembly so he can read it better!” . And it’s kinda true i think 🙂 So i’ve been trying to find out a CMS with a simple facts plugin or something similar that could be used for this reason. No luck whatsoever. I tried a few rating plugins for wordpress but they either didn’t work or they were not fit for what i want to do. The conclusion? Instead of crawling from CMS to CMS trying to find a feature that could be something remotely close to what i want i can code it my self on Jasmine!

On the other hand, starting a site which you don’t know what will happen and code a plugin already i think it’s “risky” of work not worth doing… So what i think i’ll do is start a wordpress site with the inadequate but good for now rating plugin and see what happens. You are all invited to check it out, as soon as it’s up and running, but beware it’s gonna be in greek 😉