My picFor two days i’ve been struggling to change the OS on my laptop. I got it less than a month ago and it came along with Windows Vista. I mean i like them but a few compatibility issues i had with some games and some other stuff made me want to try my luck with Win XP. They installed pretty fine and i got to the nice green field desktop. From there problems started to occur. My manufacturer povided me with a disc with drivers that where compatible with windows vista only. It could not even recognize me ethernet card!!! A quest to find drivers started. I had about 4-5 unrecognized devices. After long hous of searching i made it to have only 3 of them missing, the most basic ones: my sound card, modem and vga 🙁

At this point i was so disapointed so i started the restore process for my Vista and i will see what i can do. I will most probably keep them and just ignore some incompatibilities i have.

/me out