My picWell migrating is not that hard as i thought it would be. One thing is for sure. I’ve been missing around… Joomla is realy good especialy the new version. I mean it has many features, extensions, it is very organized and one can surely realy work miracles on it…

I thought that migrating the articles and stuff would be the hard part and the users would be a piece of cake. Well i was wrong. Migrating the articles was very very easy. The only hard part (not so hard) was with the bbcodes cause Joomla does not support them by default. The yvbbcodes plugin that is the most popular in the area, supports bbcodes but not the same way that e107 does. So a little parsing was due but nothing serious.

Anyway what was weird was that the users table jos_users is not the only one to add a user if you want to add him through the db. There is certainly more (if i find out i’ll let ya know). Another thing that impressed me is the way that Joomla encodes the users’ passwords. What it does is it creates a random string that it calls “salt”, concatenates it with the password and then md5’s it.

Well, there are many more things that i liked about it but you should try it for yourselfs. Go on and if you need help you know how to reach me or Joomla’s forums.

/me out