My picOk. I am pretty excited with this one. Jasmine, a year ago, was just a “what if”… Today it is on v1.1 a pretty stable one. Some bugs that have been previously found are now covered and some extra features that i had on a “later todo” list have been added. A very nice feature implemented in v1.1 is the page rank within the stats. When the thorough stats flag is on the system keeps stats for all the visited pages on the site. This is not actually very heavy. The extra queries that have to be done are at most 2. Besides the clicks that are counted a simple ranking system is implemented. So low ranked pages are most likely “dead” at this time and higly ranked pages are “most active” at this time. So a scenario goes: a page has 1000 clicks but a rank of 4 and another has 300 clicks and a rank of 9. This means that the page ranked 9 has started to gain clicks the past few days and the other one, although it has over a 1000, it is ranked 4 because those clicks are pretty old.

With this system, Jasmine is able to give you a better way to take a look to what is important in your site and what is not. Give you a better look over your plugins, pages etc and let you know where to emphasise and where not to.

Anyway, now that this is done the next thing to do is create a few more plugins i have in mind such as poll system, games with tournaments etc in a very slower rate though. I’ll keep ya guys posted.

/me out