My picOver four years have past since i remember my self anxiously waiting on the release of the sequence of the game “Command & Conquer”, the “Generals” sequel. I had seen screenshots of the game previous to that and i had been astonished by the effects.

Actually, any screenshot, in my oppinion, is taken in a way to look better than the actual scene in the game. But even so they were quite nice. So as soon as it hit the shelfs i went and got my hands on it. I installed it and run it. It seemed it had a pretty slow load time but i thought”hey it’s just loading”. When entered the main screen, the background video looked pretty slow but i also tried to explain it with something like “well it’s a video… maybe it’s supposed to be slow”. Finaly, i started playing. At that point came the disapointment. It was quite slow, although i had put it in a very fast mode. All the time since then i was under the impression that generaly speaking, “Generals” is a slow moving game. That is till now. I am at a double core pc now and i thought i’d play a while. When loaded, looked like a total different game! I mean everything is movng FAST! I was shocked !shocked It is a descent game, i thought so even when i had it for a slow one, and i realy enjoy playing it. So, if you had any games you thought they were slow, just try them on your new pc (especialy a boosted one). You never know what you will find out 😉