My picSo here we are… StratoSector has steped into another era. It is now officialy powered by Joomla! As it came out, it was not a lossless migration. As a matter of fact many things will be lost for now, and some of them might be recovered in a later state. But, what counts is that the site has changed and is moving forward.What came along, and it was my main consideration is the news posts. They were 124 and they reflect all the history of the site. Since the first post “StratoSector Reloaded” to the last. It’s been almost two years since i started and many things have happend along the way. Script releases, games and even competitive tournaments. The only thing that i know will annoy is the lost StratoSector accounts. I tryed to migrate them but i couldn’t get how Joomla stores the accounts. If i waited longer, till i figure it out, the site would be down till who knows when. So i thought, whatever sectorians will understand 🙂

What i will try to do the next few days is this. First of all restore my downloads (at least most of them, there are some i don’t need anyway). Secondly setup the fora. Here, i will try to migrate the old posts and categories to the new site. Dunno if this is going to be easy but if get it, it will be nice because all those posts were usefull. Finaly, i’ll try to find a component to bring back the arcade competitions back to life. I know many of the users are coming back for those, and frankly i enjoyed them my self. Anyways, it’s gonna take some time to put the site back together but i will say it again. It was worth it.

/me out