My picFiddling around, i found a site that calculates some interesting data about your website. So, i submited stratosector and voila! Checking a long list of, i must say, interesting data i stumbled upon a part saying: “other domains resolving to same IP”. Hmmm… this sounded interesting. Then came the shock. The number of domain names resolving to the same server as stratosector does are 507!!! I mean these guys realy sell SHARED hosting… No wonder some times you get low response times. If 4 people request a page on each site that is a total of 2000 requests for the server. In most cases the response times are very very descent but sometimes you realy get it slow. There is the reason. To be exact 507 of them 🙂 Anyway i just felt like writing this cause some of the visitors kept complaining about load times and here is the reason. Anyway. That’s all for now

/me out
(507! jeez!)